How to build your 1×1 Edo block square

Just take
about 1 min

simple guide on how to build square Edo Blocks

How to build your 1×2 Edo block rectangular

Just take
about 1 min

how simple is to build a rectangular Edo block

How to join two blocks

Just take
about 1 mins

Not sure how to join 2 Edo Blocks together??? Easy fix! please watch this tutorial video and then you will be fine with your favourite giant cardboard blocks.

Instruction for 1x1 and 1x2 blocks

Not sure on how to build Edo single (square) and double (rectangular) blocks?

Just download the instruction guide below

Instruction for junctions and eye tab

Not sure how to join 2 giant cardboard blocks together? or eye tab? 

Just downaload the instruction guide below

User Manual

User manual and cleaning instructions for Edo giant cardboard blocks.

Just download the manual instruction below