About Us


Being parents can be a challenge accommodate children’s requests to have more fun and not them all are possible….but little people have big dreams! Thinking of our childhood, we have memories of a lot of specific situations where we have just played for hours using only our imagination and creativity.

Raise your hand if you have ever build a house to live in with your plushies or ever been a pirate of a beautiful ship made out of a box? Think of all those moments where you were having fun playing with pillows and blankets that became your best friends for hiding from the world…it was memorable, funny and essential for our childhood! Well, if you had huge blocks available, it could be much easier and more enjoyable building all the stories that your mind was suggesting. Hence, we decided to offer something special to our son, Dino, and to all those parents experiencing similar challenges.

Lisa and Damiano from Play Edo Australia

We are Lisa and Damiano, professionals, parents and once migrants to this beautiful country named Australia. Thanks to our Italian background, we decided to approach Lisa and Simon Marussi that have created the Edo blocks in Italy. The Edo blocks were created by Simon and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, they became reality almost five years ago. Following this collaboration, Lisa and Damiano become the Australian/Oceania licensee for Play Edo and now, PlayEdo Australia is officially born.

Our blocks are proudly produced in Melbourne (Victoria) and are eco-friendly, easy to assemble and big, very big no life-sized! The blocks are solid enough to let the children play on their own or with you, they are strong enough to withstand play and light enough to be harmless if they fall on the children.

The Edo blocks have an innovative interlocking system that would allow your kids to safely build whatever their imagination suggests! Our blocks aim to support kids in having more fun and experiences in building their preferred stories and then become the heroes of their own stories….every day is a different story and we hope you like our blocks as much as we do because will add another memory in your children’s life.