Why should you choose eco toys?

Why should you choose eco toys?

Why should you choose eco toys?

Sustainable toys are made from renewable, natural materials and involve a manufacturing process that does not pollute the environment, release carbon or greenhouse gases, and at the end of its life, is able to biodegrade. In a world increasingly suffering from the devastating consequences of environmental destruction caused by human activity, sustainability and looking after the natural world is crucial if we care about the future of our children.

The global toy industry is vast, millions of toys are produced each year and sold around the world to support the requests of a growing population. The plastic industry evolved dramatically during the twentieth century, especially in the fifties. From its beginning, plastic has been used in the toy manufacturing industry due to several factors: acceptable cost, ease of moulding, the possibility of producing complex forms, etc. If you have little ones, it can often be challenging to find the right eco toys that are safe, durable and most importantly, plastic-free and planet-friendly.

At the end of the twentieth century, petrol prices decreased parallel to the interest in biodegradable plastics. Over the last years, this tendency has been inverted. There is a factor of combinations that push for the increasing interest and acceptance of biodegradable resins, at a time of increasing petrol prices and higher consciousness of how the oil reserves are being drastically reduced. To date, there is a global awareness of the need to reduce environmental problems generated by industrial processes. The toys we buy for our children are important – play is an essential part of kid development and a natural impulse in all children, regardless of their ethnic or social background.

Making ethical choices

It can be difficult at times for consumers to understand if the product they are buying has been ethically and sustainably produced. However, the number of organisations seeking to make more ethical choices and ensure that their products are sustainable is growing. Most of the time, such companies are keen to inform their consumers of this and are happy to show a good level of transparency, clearly labelling all the materials used and annexed certifications. Along with that, non-toxic paints and glues are even likely to be listed as well as any additional supporting information.

For instance, Play Edo Australia is one of them and proudly shows to its buyers that their building blocks for kids are eco toys proudly made in Australia. Play Edo takes imaginary play to the next level, with its adaptable cardboard blocks for kids: the materials used to manufacture their corrugated cardboard are considered 100% recyclable and can be sent to any recycling facility to be made into renewable fibreboard liners and/or corrugated cased. Further, the materials are also biodegradable and will break down easily back into the environment.

Advantages of eco toys

We live in an age where everything gets thrown away and technology is obsolete after a few months, but what many consumers don't realize is that this throw-away lifestyle comes with a high cost not only to our finances but to the planet. Constant manufacturing of new and unnecessary products uses up virgin materials and resources, and contributes to pollution, impacting the quality of the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. This also happens in the toy industry.

Backing in the old days, all the toys that were played with by children were eco-friendly. But due to the fast life, the world started to change very quickly. As the result, more and more non-eco toys started to gain popularity.

Many toy manufacturers started to cross the line in toys production. Usage of non-aloud plastic, harmful paints and substances: this can be very dangerous for our children. Thus, the movement towards eco toys began to gain popularity and more and more producers started their production. That’s why Play Edo Australia strongly believes that the Edo cardboard building blocks for kids have strong power in supporting more production of eco toys in Australia!

Eco toys are the best way to buy: they are made of eco-friendly materials and also safe for nature. Eco toys like the Australian Edo blocks are a key priority for any parent who is looking for safe toys that are also gentle on the planet.

 Play Edo, Play Eco.