Why produce cardboard toys? A list of benefits to having fun while supporting the planet

Why produce cardboard toys? A list of benefits to having fun while supporting the planet

Why produce cardboard toys? A list of benefits to having fun while supporting the planet

As a parent, I am committed to doing something sustainable and environmentally friendly every day. I care about Mother Earth for myself, for our children, for our future. Hence, when we decided to start our business in Melbourne, we researched the best products to satisfy this statement and the best paper supplier that has environmental credentials that use Forestry Managed Systems to protect and preserves the worlds natural resources.

First of all, children’s play does not have to necessarily cost a lot: for instance, open-ended materials are great for kids of all ages and they cost little or nothing and include things like balls, fabric, and recycled cardboard along with natural materials. These materials are perfect for children’s development and encourage them with thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Thus, a big empty box is an excellent starting point for imaginative play because kids can decide how to change the box/es into something they can use for pretend play through their imagination and creativity skills to turn ideas into reality. Besides, cardboard boxes support kids’ physical play and they can even decide what they want to do and follow their imagination (https://raisingchildren.net.au). If your child is at a young age, you can provide extra safety with cushions laid around their towers but still with adults’ supervision.

Benefits of cardboard toys

Building towers support children in learning how to balance things, increasing their motivation to try again, and practising hand-eye coordination (https://raisingchildren.net.au).  Children often received building blocks as a classic gift because improve their motor skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities. Besides, building blocks can be great toys as solo and/or collaborative fun (https://www.babytoddlerandkids.com.au). Kids may receive benefits as concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, and creative thinking: simply playing with cardboard boxes may also introduce kids to early numeracy skills like height, comparison, and size.

I guess that you now have a better idea about the various benefits that playing with cardboard boxes can bring into your children’s lives. That’s why we decided to support the local production of huge cardboard bricks/blocks: a way to use recycled materials, a way to support our planet in recycling them when you had enough, a way to improve our kids’ developments and skills while still having fun.

Our huge blocks suit every child aged 3 plus and the materials used to manufacture their corrugated cardboard packaging are considered 100% recyclable and can be sent to any recycling facility to be made into renewable fibreboard liners and/or corrugated cases. Further the materials are also biodegradable and will break down easily back into the environment. 

Here is a benefits’ summary for you:

  1. Our cardboard toys huge blocks are safe because children can play with them on their own or with any adults if and when they like. If one or more blocs fall on the child, there are zero risks that this could harm the child because of the material used. It is the same if a child throws a block at something or at somebody: no damage, no pain!
  2. They offer endless possibilities to have fun: children can build various ideas (e.g. dinosaur, house, tree, elephant…etc…) while developing their learning skills.
  3. Our cardboard huge bricks support kids’ creativity because children can transform their ideas into reality and their imagination is the only one setting the play’s rules.
  4. The blocks’ weight is really light and this allows children to easily move or stack them around as they wish and whenever they like.
  5. We have two natural colours available: Havana or White. Thanks to that, children can easily decorate the cardboard toys block as they please, for instance with crayons, water colours or markers. Kids can express their ideas if they wish or simply play with the blocks.
  6. Children can develop their responsibility’s skills because they must learn how to build and then look after their blocks. Because our giant bricks are made of cardboard, kids can learn the differences between plastic and eco-friendly made toys and be more mindful of the benefits of having these blocks. I won’t say more than this because I started this article talking about how eco-friendly products are crucial to our lives.
  7. A design for everyone: our blocks possess a neutral and linear design that fits in every children’s home and also in every interior (e.g. café, shop, exhibition) thanks to the endless ideas that you can create.

 What do you think — are these blocks worth the investment for you? Do you think your kids would have fun building what their imagination suggests?