What are the best building blocks for kids?

What are the best building blocks for kids?

What are the best building blocks for kids?

BIG building blocks for kids

Building blocks for kids are perfect toys because they offer freedom to them to show their creativity and interests. Besides, building blocks are versatile toys and children have the possibility to play with them using their imagination. Thanks to building blocks, kids can play by themselves or in a group. To date, there are many kinds of building blocks and even a good range of big building blocks for kids to build real size objects.

Blocks encourage children and give them unlimited options to develop their skills, such as refining their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, learn spatial awareness. This excellent type of toy helps to develop the ability in children to solve problems and still offers a lot of fun to play with!

Considerations prior to buying building blocks for kids

As we all know, there are many different types of blocks available on the market. However, it is recommended to search for the best quality building blocks because the poor quality of material may affect your kids’ health and the lifespan of the toy. Better quality also means longer durability of the product.

Nowadays, there are blocks that are linked together with magnets, others need to be stacked and balanced still, others must be folded or assembled before your kids can play with them. Try to choose the best ones for your children’s age but even those that are easy to play with for a kid.

Other things to be considered are the lightweight of the blocks, the fun guaranteed and the engagement for children. Blocks for building play a core role in the development of different skills thus, unique features (such as the possibility to write or colour on the building blocks) may help your kids to boost their learning.

Are building block play activities even good for pre-schoolers?

Block play activities are the only ones that can build fine motor skills, promote STEM growth and increase social-emotional skills, help cognitive development in your children: yes, building blocks are the foundation of early childhood development play.

Building block play activities are the foundation of learning because these activities help to develop the ability to count and to read and write. As babies and young children, blocks show us how things are put together and how we can manipulate the world around us. Building blocks are a great support for a preschool-age in kids’ lives because they offer various benefits originating from many diverse opportunities for block play activities.

The best among big building blocks for kids

The Edo building blocks for kids present unlimited ways to inspire imaginative play because your children have endless possibilities for imaginative play (e.g., building a fortress or a cubby house, riding a horse or fighting with a giant dinosaur). Along with that, your kids have the opportunity to live out their imaginations by becoming the main character in their own stories.

The cardboard building Edo bricks are actual life-sized constructions thanks to the real big and very innovative interlocking, lightweight and sturdy design….and don’t forget that because are made in Australia with recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard, the Edo block for kids are also the best eco toys!

The Edo cardboard toys are great big blocks for building because they are eco-friendly, offer infinite possibilities for creations that they harbour, and support a play learn based.

Building blocks never go out of fashion: browse the Edo blocks gallery for some creative ideas.