Play Edo, Eco friendly kids toys, part of the 'ReMade in Australia' campaign launched by the Federal Government

Play Edo, Eco friendly kids toys, part of the 'ReMade in Australia' campaign launched by the Federal Government

Play Edo, Eco friendly kids toys, part of the 'ReMade in Australia' campaign launched by the Federal Government

With Christmas coming into view, many people will be considering what present to buy for their children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and friends. Most of the Australian states will approach Christmas with an even more special excitement due to the past months in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are still looking for some gifts’ ideas that are also good for our planet, why not consider the Play Edo cardboard building blocks??!!

The Australian Government has launched a national campaign to incentivise Australians to recycle more, as well as to buy more products manufactured with recycled content. Hence, Play Edo Australia is honoured to be invited to participate in the ‘ReMade in Australia’ campaign because our Edo building bricks are proudly made in Melbourne from recycled cardboard and will be still recyclable!

The ‘ReMade in Australia’ campaign signals a shift in how the country deals with its waste, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and makes recycling one of six national manufacturing priorities. The Prime Minister announced the ‘ReMade in Australia’ campaign at Sydney’s Woollahra Public School on the 6th of December 2021, saying it was a critical step in giving Australians the confidence to recycle more and to buy products manufactured with recycled content.

It was great to see the Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP has appreciated the Edo giant building bricks. In fact, he decided to build some blocks with Lisa and Damiano but also has invited all the children, along with Sussan Ley MP (Minister for the Environment), Trevor Evans MP (Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management), Dave Sharma MP (Federal Member) and Suzanne Toumbourou (CEO ACOR) to complete the snowy castle built with the Edo cardboard blocks and they ended in playing in there.

Hence, if not they have not already started, a lot of people will be reading blogs, magazines and promotions about the most trending toys for 2021. We live in a fast-changing world and nowadays, be a child can be very dissimilar to what it was even just 10 years ago. However, what is lasting is the fact that kids love playing and that play is looked on as the best way of learning in childhood.

It is well known that playtime is crucial to children’s learning and development because, during this time, they are capable of learning in a lot of different ways and times. Besides, play helps kids in building confidence, develop social skills, language and communication, feel happy and safe, learn about caring for the environment and others, and last but not least, developing physical skills.

Despite a decent amount of Christmas guides available, children’s play does not have to necessarily cost a lot: having the latest toy or technology in your kids’ hands does not necessarily mean that they will be successful at school later. The application of open-ended materials is perfect for kids of all ages and these cost little or nothing and include stuff like fabric, balls, and recycled cardboard along with natural materials. The use of such natural and unique materials are excellent for children’s development and encourage them with thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Even the most eco conscious among us would admit that living sustainably is hard. Convenience unfortunately usually equates to things wrapped in plastic, and in the case of children's toys, also often made from plastic. Recent studies have shown that there is a huge diversity in the location and scale of plastic pollution hotspots. Unfortunately, the hotspots occurred in all inhabited continents and across many countries. Of course, cities and other dense urban areas around the globe are those experiencing higher hotspots linked to single-use plastic objects (e.g. takeaway containers, straws, plastic bags, drink bottles, plastic cutlery and lids). Along with that, children's toys can have a disastrous effect on our environmental footprint. Plastic now days seems to be in almost anything that is child related. From cots and highchairs to clothes, and to especially in toys. 

Eco friendly kids toys

Although it can be hard at times, there are plastic-free options and a wonderful new product in the Australian market that has decided to invest in educational cardboard toys. As a toy product, the Play Edo cardboard jumbo building bricks are also biodegradable and have been tested to break down easily back into the environment. Cardboard is up and coming in the world of children’s toys, especially for interactive play.

Besides, cardboard is environmentally friendly, can be made large scale, whilst maintain structural integrity and durability incredibly strong. Children playing with cardboard also learn the reuse, reduce, recycle the environmental cycle from a very young age: it is a huge step in helping us reduce our carbon footprint & promoting healthy environmental practices for life.

It is education through play…. Play Edo, Play Eco!