Plastic Toys… Not this Christmas!! Toys made from cardboard

Plastic Toys… Not this Christmas!! Toys made from cardboard

Plastic Toys… Not this Christmas!! Toys made from cardboard

With Christmas coming into view, many people will be considering what present to buy for their children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and friends. Most of the Australian states will approach Christmas with an even more special excitement due to the past months in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After such a tough year, every adult feels like every child should be spoiled.

It is well known that playtime is crucial to children’s learning and development because, during this time, they are capable of learning in a lot of different ways and times. Play helps kids in building confidence, develop social skills, language and communication, feel happy and safe, learn about caring for the environment and others, and last but not least, developing physical skills.

Even the most eco conscious among us would admit that living sustainably is hard. Convenience unfortunately usually equates to things wrapped in plastic, and in the case of children's toys, also often made from plastic. 

Over the years, there have been many reported cases regarding plastic toys and their negative effects on our environment. Not only are they created from harmful and sometimes toxic ingredients found in the plastics, but they are also unable to break down, often remaining a foreign visitor in our natural environment for many, many, years to come.

We all know the message that we must reduce our plastic usage to save our climate however, changing years of behaviour can be challenging. This becomes even more so when our children are bombarded constantly with plastic, shiny and bright toy advertisements and offerings. Thus, parents easily end up with a great number of plastic toys at home. Gifts from family, gifts from friends, and the impartiality of children towards bright coloured plastic toys more so, than the neutral wooden varieties. 

Doing Our Bit for the Climate - Toys made from cardboard

Although it can be hard at times, there are plastic-free options and our wonderful new product has hit the Australian market: we decided to invest in educational cardboard toys! As an educational and eco friendly toy product, the Edo cardboard jumbo building bricks are also biodegradable and have been tested to break down easily back into the environment. Cardboard is up and coming in the world of children’s toys, especially for interactive play.

Don't forget: cardboard is environmentally friendly, can be made large scale, whilst maintain structural integrity and durability incredibly strong. Children playing with cardboard also learn the reuse, reduce, recycle the environmental cycle from a very young age: it is a huge step in helping us reduce our carbon footprint & promoting healthy environmental practices for life. It is education through play. If you think of a simple and boring big empty box you might not think what children think: it is an excellent starting point for imaginative play! Children can decide how to change the box/es into something they can use for pretend play through their imagination and creativity skills to turn ideas into reality. Cardboard boxes have a special meaning for children and are a perfect support for their physical play, along with feeling in charge of deciding what they want to do or be when they follow their imagination.

The combination of an eco-friendly material (cardboard) and building bricks represent a classic for different ages when thinking of a good play in your childhood but for a long time. Building blocks are no second to none in promoting all areas of children’s development such as cognitive skills, language, social, critical thinking abilities and fine motor skills. For instance, building towers support children in learning how to balance objects, increasing their motivation to try again, and practising hand-eye coordination. Building blocks are an excellent toy that can support parents in get rid of plastic toys because available also in cardboard and wood, but are even a good source for a solo and/or a collaborative fun. Kids may receive benefits as concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, and creative thinking: simply playing with cardboard boxes may also introduce kids to early numeracy skills like height, comparison, and size. The now available eco-friendly building blocks are also both usable and respectful for children with disabilities. 

Increasing educational cardboard toys

It is a fact that children playing with learning materials and toys at home (e.g. colouring books, building blocks or just a ball) will be more prepared for the academic demands of school. However, parents don’t need to necessary spend a fortune for children’s toys and paediatricians recommend simply toys.

With Christmas approaching, toy sales are about to go through the roof: it’s a huge part of our consumer addiction. Toys are often made overseas and from non-biodegradable plastics, ending with the application of some toxic ingredients as well. It’s hard to come across a toy these days, which is considered 100% recyclable, let alone one that can also be recycled, making more corrugated cardboard, more bricks, in turn keeping the reuse, reduce, recycle cycle ongoing.... but now there are some terrific options out there!

Nowadays there are toys available for your children that are made in Australia, realised with eco-friendly materials that can be used, re-used or up-cycled and eventually recycled! Children can safely play, a new eco play era is started. When millions of dollars in unwanted gifts most probably end up in landfill, these kind of eco-friendly and environmentally focused toy options are increasingly important. Thus, you have the opportunity to become an eco-conscious parent.

Play Edo, Play Eco this Christmas!