HOW to store Edo building blocks

HOW to store Edo building blocks

HOW to store Edo building blocks

Building blocks are important in children lives because allow them to build the same structures grownups do. However, most parents are scared of our supersized bricks and often ask us “how much space do I need?”.

Building blocks / bricks

When it comes to Edo blocks, size is one of our biggest advantages because it brings kids to interact play to life, whilst not adding to landfill: we give children the opportunity to realise their BIG ideas and to move their bodies while creating something so special to them. Our blocks keep children occupied for hours because they are flatly delivered and you need to build each block prior to bringing interactive play to life.

Play Edo building blocks is a recyclable, recycled play solution: the bricks are adaptable, real-sized & help bring imagination to life. There is no limit to children imagination and our bricks are proudly made in Australia from high-grade corrugated cardboard, they are sturdy, durable & ready to be customised by your child. Great for both play & learning environments: Play Edo, Play Eco.


  • Recycled & Recyclable 
  • Supersized for fun interactive play
  • Adaptable 
  • Australian made

The Play Edo bricks were designed with the basis of the Montessori and STEM learning methods in mind, allowing the child to lead in self-directed activity, with hands-on learning and a collaborative play approach.

 Block plays can be of different types but are still crucial to children lives from a very early age. Some of the most common block-plays include:

  • Tote and Carry: kids pile the blocks up or move them around. In this way, children play teaches about balance and weight. It’s important because kids quickly learn the concept of gravity via this bricks play.
  • Bridging: here the kids learn to build their imaginative structures by putting blocks on the ground and composing a bridge by simply adding other blocks on top. In this way, they learn balance along with a touch of symmetry and organisation.
  • Stack and Row: with this play, kids utilise blocks to tie in different structures and patterns, which can introduce them to early math skills like fractions.

 Thus, when the children have completed their rhinoceros rather than a tower, what can you do with the bricks? As a parent, storage is a constant challenge because, despite the commitment to recycling toys, you always end up having more than what you plan to be available for your children.

 Hence, find below some ideas for the Edo blocks:

  1. Build a bookshelf where you can store kids’ books and/or their other toys
  2. Build a wall that you can use as a message board or a décor element
  3. Build a bed or a chair: interior elements essential in each home….. and yes, the Edo blocks are strong enough to successfully complete this piece of furniture
  4. Build a super tall tower: a décor element for the kids’ room
  5.  Build a home for your dog or cat
  6.  Build a large and tall bin to support your recycling activities
  7.  Build a toy box to store your kids’ toys
  8.  Build a wall to separate spaces in your home

 The Edo bricks are surely versatile and allow you to use them for both plays and to help you in solving practical matters. Above I give you some ideas to support your storage issues but opportunities are endless and you can transform this sundry educational toy into an everyday piece! In a more practical way, you can store our bricks in a large box or in multiple medium cardboard boxes.

 As a parent, I always discourage children from throwing blocks away because it can prevent them from creating a mess in later life. Besides, don’t discourage your child from knocking down blocks towers or walls or throwing them away because this is one of the parts of their learning process…. I know, you have to consider this mess as the core for their development to learn with fun. Try to see this as an opportunity to learn skills from an early age and together!

 Do you have more ideas in mind? Please share these with us!