Australia Good Friday Appeal: Play Edo building blocks recap

Australia Good Friday Appeal: Play Edo building blocks recap

Australia Good Friday Appeal: Play Edo building blocks recap

It was great to participate in the Good Friday Appeal 2022 event and add our little contribution to the incredible total, a record of $22,238,154.00

Play Edo Australia family playing in a castle at the Good Friday Appeal 2022

We welcomed over 78,000 visitors to the MCEC on the day and we particularly enjoyed those who visited our stand. Not only the children but even every carer and parent that supported the kids in having fun with our Edo cardboard building blocks. They made the best out of them and use the Edo building bricks as a blank canvas: we saw lots of drawings, wishes, names and stickers on the super-sized Edo blocks. The fun part was being able in observing the various children and adults building what their minds suggested: this generated a crazy but genuine competition!

Some of the most innovative creations were giant towers, a boat, a rocket ship, and various cubby houses. 

Play Edo Australia kids playing with cardboard giant building blocks

 Those smiles while children smashed their creations or when prior to leaving the stand proudly held their Edo blocks to take home will last with us for a long time! Most of the children spent quite a good time at our stand because they not only played with the building bricks but had the possibility to try a quick workshop. 

There were tables to let everyone who'd like to build a create their own Edo blocks to take home! 

Play Edo Australia Cardboard building bricks workshop at Good Friday Appeal 2022Despite Play Edo Australia being a relatively new business, we are proud of ourselves because we have been able to donate $10,000 in materials and money. Thank you to all those who participated in this special event and to all the volunteers that supported our schedule to make it possible.

It’s relevant to remember that block play promotes language development and enhances your child's language skills such as reading, speaking, and listening.

These are the main skills of any language that allow your child to have a full grasp of that language. Besides, you can motivate your child to speak more and more thanks to using blocks with different shapes drawn on them, and asking the kids to make a story by seeing these blocks. Playing this game helps your children in creating new stories and teaching them new words. 

Play Edo Australia kids drawing on cardboard giant building blocks

Block play can even support your children to improve their reading ability: if you use the Edo blocks this can be very easy! Children can easily learn words and letters with play activities that promote language development. These activities would be riddles, rhymes, and synonyms written on blocks. 

The Edo blocks are proudly made in Australia and thanks to their eco-friendly cardboard are safe to be used for your children and for the Earth. No preservatives, paint or glue is used to produce the Edo building blocks! 

Play Edo building blocks at Good Friday Appeal Melbourne 2022

These building bricks are big, thus suitable for small hands and children with special needs: the Edo blocks don’t have sharp edges and because are made of recycled cardboard if they fall on children it won’t hurt. The Edo building blocks are available in Havana (the natural cardboard colour) or White: you don’t need any tools or glue to build them but you can easily keep your kids off the screen for a while to build them. Use the Edo building bricks as a blank canvas and let your imagination go crazy in having fun!