Creative Play: Why it's important in our lives early childhood learning and development

Creative Play: Why it's important in our lives early childhood learning and development

Creative Play: Why it's important in our lives early childhood learning and development

Creative play

Why it’s important in our lives and…in early childhood learning and development

Creativity can be described as the process of self-expression and these kinds of experiences can help children in expressing and coping with their feelings. Through creativity, children develop their mental growth via opportunities for experiencing new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem-solving ( Hence, a creative activity helps them in acknowledging and celebrating their uniqueness and diversity.

If you are a parent as I am, you know that every day is a new challenge and every child is unique. Every child has creative potential and every child is capable of expressing that creativity. However, we often make a mistake in thinking of a creative expression as a product rather than a process: the process should be the main focus instead of the quality outcome done by your child. People often think of creativity associated with artistic endeavours like music, art, drama but it’s definitely not only about a physical outcome. Creativity equally belongs to maths, science, building and business: with anything that children (and adults) do! Creativity is a process, a journey through which children can develop their imaginations, uniqueness, productivity and problem-solving skills.

Creativity in early childhood development

Hence, creativity is crucial for every human being to be able to stand out in a crowd: it is a way to get noticed, to surprise others, to be the one who invented something new… can do this only if you possess at least a little spark of creativity! According to Einstein, creativity is the capability of looking at the usual things from another perspective. Here is the good news: we all are creative, we just need to look at the world through children eyes because they are the most creative people and with big dreams.

There is a crucial age that is the most creative time in a child’s life: the early childhood / preschool years. The development of children’s brains is crucial and creativity has an essential role in this, here are the six main reasons why creativity is so vital for them:

  1. Create self-confidence
  2. Improve fine motor skills
  3. Problem solving abilities
  4. Fun
  5. Concentration and focus
  6. Help your child in finding new ways of looking at things

Some sources even claim that creative people are happier because they possess the capability of seeing a way out of difficulties and with more positivity than others! As a parent or carer, for sure, you face or have faced a challenge and, if you are able to step outside of the usual point of view or think outside the box, you can find a creative solution. We can think of creativity like a beautiful flower that needs to be watered and fed on a daily basis to grow and spread its seeds: it takes time and patience. Both parents and children can get enormous benefits from creativity and from creative play such as the Edo blocks!

Still, Einstein claimed that “play is the highest form of research” thus, allow your children to become little researchers since their early begin! Taking on a role helps children to make sense of the world and express feelings. For instance, in such a complex age as pre-schoolers, get completely involved in stories allow them to build and practise vocabulary, use imagination and learn about a specific kind of structures….all these things can be possible with the Edo blocks!