Can building blocks play supports language development?

Can building blocks play supports language development?

Can building blocks play supports language development?

There are various playing activities that can effectively promote your child to learn, such as playing with building bricks, which promotes language development which is a cognitive skill that is crucial for your child.  Language development supports the kids’ ability to communicate with others and helps children to express their feelings.

Block play enhances your kids’ motor skills and grows their ability to understand and learn new things, including new words and letters. Along with that, playing with blocks for kids significantly increases the promotion and polishing of children’s literacy skills such as reading and speaking.

So, why’s that? Because you can draw or paint letters on blocks or even create letters with the blocks for kids and then let the children play with them. Kids will acquire the letters unintentionally and once they have learned all letters, they can jump to vocabulary. This is how block play promotes language development. 

How does a child most effectively learn a language?

When we talk about babies, they learn by experiencing and listening to the world around them: thus, the more language they are exposed to the better will be. Additionally, you can put words to their actions. Talk to them as you would in conversation, pausing for them to respond, and then you can say back what you think they might say.

More generally, children acquire language automatically and without any formal teaching, and mainly from their environment. Parents and guardians can help by creating the better environment possible to help them, for instance in reading and speaking more.

Activities such as storytelling, riddles, songs, and rhymes can be a great support for your children with their language learning.

How does block support kids' language development?

Block play helps children not only in improving their vocabulary and letters but also in understanding the sentence structure and thus its meaning. There are several block play activities to help your kids to learn a language faster and some of the most effective ones are the following:

  • Organise blocks alphabetically: This activity supports language development as your kids may learn the alphabet and letters while playing, which are the basis of vocabulary. There are ABC blocks available for this activity or you can use the Edo building bricks and draw or build your own letters, geo shapes of fruit or geo shapes with different attractive colours.
  • Create a story using building blocks: this is one of the most crucial languages promoting block play activities. You and your kids can draw some pictures or shapes on the blocks for kids and arrange them. Then, you can demand your kids to create a story taking inspiration from the way that the blocks are arranged: a great way to support their communication and creativity skills. With the Edo cardboard building bricks, you can even live your stories based on what you built thanks to their unique size.
  • Arrange the blocks: ask your kids to arrange the bricks alphabetically or based on a numerical sequence or even to choose the blocks with the name of a month rather than the days of the week. Otherwise, children can select the bricks based on the colours or shapes that you have used to customise the blocks. This activity helps in promoting language development because it enhances the memory of the child.

Do you know how cardboard toys can benefit your child?

The Edo cardboard building blocks for kids are composed of hard, durable and sturdy corrugated cardboard and, like any other paper-based eco toy, may be used as a blank canvas for creation. You have the possibility of colour the building bricks, painting them, putting chalk or stickers on them and keep using them until your kids decide to create a different story.  

Thanks to their big dimensions, these big building blocks for kids will help them to build child-sized enchanted castles, fortresses, thrones, race cars, bookshelves, stores, animals and whatever your children’s imaginations will wildly suggest.

The Play Edo Australia building bricks are flatly delivered but have easy to follow instructions and access to several creative design ideas. Building blocks are not just a popular children’s educational toy but even a fun way to spend time together and teach kids valuable life skills that they will need as an adult.

There is no ‘right’ way to play with cardboard toys, so let your child decide what they want to do and follow their lead. Remember, cardboard is also great for the environment because it is one of the materials with the least environmental impact, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable (e.g. the corrugated cardboard used to make the Edo toy bricks degrades completely within a maximum period of one year), it minimizes waste generation, and recycled cardboard does not lose durability or resistance.