Building blocks made in Australia, that can become millions of things

Little people have big imaginations and dreams. Thanks to Edo cardboard building blocks, you can say "goodbye" to all those plastic or wooden bricks that come with a boring and ready-made design for your kids.

Our building blocks for kids are strong, easy to assemble, eco-friendly, engaging and colourable!

Edo building bricks are specifically designed by parents to help your kids to unleash their imagination and creativity… And you? How many toy bricks do you need to let your imagination go wild?

Our Little Creators Love Edo Building Blocks

You may be wondering....


The Edo building blocks for kids are delivered flat and very easy to assemble. In full, you will get a box full of cardboard sheets that will become single and double building bricks to have fun with!...

Our building blocks are available in two sizes: single and double building bricks. The building blocks' kid-friendly design is made from high-quality, micro-corrugated cardboard. You can choose among the classic Havana or Icy White colours for your toy bricks.

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Edo building blocks' kid-friendly design is suitable for all children aged 3+....

Because you need to assemble the block to play, children as young as 10 years old can manage to put the building bricks together by themselves - even one of our largest projects such as the Cardboard Cubby House. Meanwhile, we’ve seen younger children enjoy the time spent assembling the building blocks for toddlers with a parent or a relative.

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Yes, Edo building blocks for kids are eco-friendly toys. They're made of recycled and recyclable cardboard....

Eco-conscious living can be hard! In a world awash with plastic, we offer a rare alternative that's safer for your children to play with, and safer for the world they'll grow up in.

Not only are the Edo cardboard blocks for kids biodegradable, but we've gone the extra step to test that they break down easily back in the environment. Cardboard building blocks for kids are eco-friendly, strong and durable, making them the safe option for block play.

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Our building blocks for kids are proudly made in Melbourne, for some truly Australian-made block play for your children....

We are proud to be part of the "ReMade in Australia" Federal Government campaign, to give people the confidence to buy products made with recycled materials. For quality building blocks for kids made to Australian safety standards, trust in the durability and structural soundness of the Edo blocks for kids.

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Generally speaking, building blocks for kids are one of the best toys for Creative Play. We believe in children’s creativity, and the Edo building blocks are designed to stimulate their minds so their imagination can come alive....

Our blocks for kids are Early Childhood Development Learning toys aligned with the basis of the Montessori and STEM methods, as they are a self-directed activity that provides hands-on learning and collaborative play for your children.

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Educate future generations

Allow your kids to weave their own stories by building their favourite world with the Edo building blocks. Kids will live a different story every time they want: our big blocks for kids are super-sized for extra fun!

Edo building blocks nurture creativity and imagination. Creative play is one of the best tools we have for developing our children to their full potential. It's more than just having fun and letting out imaginations run wild - although it is all that as well! Think of it as a process where kids learn to grow and stretch into all the skills they will need in the future. Play is where children learn how to express themselves and interact with others - including the all-important skills of empathy and coping with their emotions. The new experiences that come with creative play and problem-solving are all part of the mental growth journey for a young child....

We all know how important the preschool years are to a child's development, mentally and socially. Some key benefits of creative play include improving fine motor skills, developing concentration and focus, bolstering self-confidence and positivity, and seeing from a new perspective. Play offers perspective in a variety of ways, helping children to develop a wide range of their skills - from problem-solving to empathy. We all need to learn how to meet life's challenges and deal with other people, even out littlest ones, and where we begin to develop these skills is in creative play as children.

Edo building blocks for kids is where all the family can unleash their creativity, from toddlers to parents and everyone in between. Blocks for kids foster skills such as spatial awareness and problem-solving.

For example, playing with building blocks for toddlers is a great way for a child to immerse themselves into the play world. They can develop their motor skills while at the same time building the vocabulary to express their feelings. Older children will love our big building blocks for kids, to let their imaginations really run wild as they explore all the structural variations. All of this is possible with Edo building blocks for kids!

Our big building blocks for kids utilise smart interlocking junctions to link the toy bricks together and increase stability. That way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining your children's creations: no crying, no starting over, no complaints!

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Building your children's future

Unleash your children's creativity with an eco-friendly toy that's gentle on the planet. Engaging, easy to assemble, and safe to play with, your kids will love our Edo building blocks.

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